Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Before you take that "Statin" Medication for Cholesterol, KNOW THIS

Healthy Patients on Statins 87% More Likely to
Develop Diabetes

Dallas—Statins substantially increase the risk of developing diabetes, even in generally healthy patients, according to a new database study of TRICARE beneficiaries.

The study of nearly 26,000 beneficiaries of the Military Health System’s insurance program found that those taking the cholesterol-lowering drugs were 87% more likely to develop diabetes compared to a control group.

The report, published recently in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, also found that patients on statins had much higher risk of developing diabetes with complications as well as a much greater likelihood of becoming overweight or obese.

The researchers from the Veterans’ Affairs North Texas Health System and the University of Texas Southwestern, both in Dallas, noted that, while past research has described a link between statins and diabetes, theirs was the first study to only include participants who were free of heart disease, diabetes, and other severe chronic diseases at baseline.

“In our study, statin use was associated with a significantly higher risk of new-onset diabetes, even in a very healthy population,” said lead author Ishak Mansi, MD. “The risk of diabetes with statins has been known, but up until now it was thought that this might be due to the fact that people who were prescribed statins had greater medical risks to begin with.”

Among 3,351 pairs of similar patients—part of the overall study group—patients on statins were 250% more likely than their non-statin-using counterparts to develop diabetes with complications, looking at medical records from October 1, 2003, to March 1, 2012. “This was never shown before,” Mansi pointed out.

The group taking statins to lower their cholesterol also were 14% more likely to become overweight or obese after initiation of the drug regimen.

The study also found that the effect was dose-dependent, i.e., the higher the dose of any of the statins, the greater the risk of diabetes, diabetes complications, and obesity.

About three-quarters of the statin prescriptions in Mansi’s data were for simvastatin, marketed as Zocor.

“No patient should stop taking their statins based on our study, since statin therapy is a cornerstone in treatment of cardiovascular diseases and has been clearly shown to lower mortality and disease progression,” Mansi emphasized. “Rather, this study should alert researchers, [clinical] guideline writers, and policymakers that short-term clinical trials might not fully describe the risks and benefits of long-term statin use for primary prevention.”

He urged further trials to better understand the long-term effects of statin use.

“I myself am a firm believer that these medications are very valuable for patients when there are clear and strict indications for them,” he says. “But knowing the risks may motivate a patient to quit smoking, rather than swallow a tablet, or to lose weight and exercise. Ideally, it is better to make those lifestyle changes and avoid taking statins if possible.”

U.S. Pharmacist Weekly Report.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Your New Favorite Place To Go While In Branson MO

 Good afternoon blog readers.  I wanted to take a moment and share an amazing back story with you.  We didn't necessarily realize how amazing this was going to be, but one phone call led to another, which led to another, and then to another.  The final result of those interactions and conversations was an agreement amongst Missouri's finest integrative care providers (Providence Medical Spa, Lakeland Pharmacy/Wellness, Cornerstone Christian Counseling, and Enhanced Health Clinic) to take a big step and to mesh our services into a 1-stop multi-professional Medical Spa setting.   WOW!

Imagine experiencing some "me-time" for Spa services with a professional dream team. Imagine a functional health center where you get healthcare management to the WHOLE person and not just one little thing you have to try to mention to your practitioner in a seven minute average contact time. That's exactly what has taken place, and the response has been incredible. When you read the list of services at the bottom of this blog, you will see why. We've got you covered!

How do we know that this is what the Midwest wanted …….and needed?  Because we are getting phone calls and people are expressing how amazing this is.  We love serving our local residents, but we also know that many of you come to Branson as a getaway place for vacation and some R&R once or twice a year.   Either way, YOU are important to us.  It will become your 'new favorite place' to go when in Branson . On your next visit to the area, make sure to call ahead about getting a Spa service with one of the members of our Spa team.   Those things that you have wanted to try or have read about in anti-aging and healthcare news are now available in one place with professionals that you can trust.  

Medical-Scientific-Professional-Expert-Advanced.  You'll find this and more inside the Medical Spa.

Providence Medical Spa 417-334-4032

800 State Hwy 248
Manchester Village Suite 3-A
Branson MO 65616
(***just behind the Keller Williams building and next door to Quest Lab) 

Professional Counseling (Individual/Family)
Saliva Hormone Testing
Boston Heart Profile testing (a VERY comprehensive ALL-ABOUT-YOU health profile) 
Thyroid Testing and Management
Cosmetic Injections
Facial Fillers
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Collagen Induction Therapy
Advanced Flourescent Therapy (IPL/BBL)
Yag Laser (fades capillaries on the face and nasal area)
Venus Legacy (SKIN TIGHTENING and body contouring of cellulite and stretch marks)
Corrective Peels
Customized Facials
Laser Hair Removal
Professional Counseling
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Adrenal Fatigue Testing
Cortisol Testing
Customized Vitamin/Supplement/Anti-Aging Support Therapies
Weight Loss/Detox Support
Fibromyalgia, Pain, Stress, Fatigue testing and protocols
Iodine Testing
Neurotransmitter testing and treatment (headaches, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression)

We are delighted to be your one stop INTEGRATIVE CARE TEAM.  For appointments or more information call:  417-334-4032 to get connected to our expert team.

All the best in beauty, aging, health, and wellness.  We hope to see YOU soon at your NEW FAVORITE PLACE.