Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Clearer Skin Stories

Jennifer, age 34
I’ve had acne since I was 12. I had it worse than anyone in my school, and I still have worse acne than anyone my age. My skin is very oily and sensitive, and every treatment system I tried actually made me break out more. SilverSkin was totally different. In three weeks most of the spots had disappeared. My skin is still oily, but the blemishes are almost gone, and I’m starting to like the woman in the mirror again
Mike, age 16
I’ve had pimples for about four years. When I would talk to people I could see their eyes darting around my face. I’ve tried several products on the market, including some expensive ones. I even went to a dermatologist, and he put me on a prescription. Nothing worked as good as SilverSkin. After six weeks my face is almost totally clear. I still have a little bit of acne, but nothing like before. It really helps my self-confidence, and I feel like people are looking at ME again
Kim, age 25
I’m actually a pretty person inside, but you wouldn’t know it you had seen me two months ago. My face has always had big sores all over it. I really feel like my acne hurt my job opportunities, my dating relationships, and my self-esteem. I was 25, and wasn’t feeling good about my prospects. Since I’ve been using the SilverSkin system, all that has changed. I feel great, and my face is the clearest it has been since I was 13. I will never stop using SilverSkin.


The Right Ingredients – A Natural Botanical Skin Care System

Can Products be Too Harsh on Acne Prone Skin?
Do you have dry skin and acne? How is that possible? Unfortunately, with combination skin, dry skin and acne actually can co-exist. Since many acne treatments dry out the skin, if you use them on your combination skin you may end up solving one problem only to aggravate the other. If you have dry, sensitive skin, try to avoid acne treatments that are too drying and seek solutions that are good for combination skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide. One of the most popular over the counter medications for mild to moderate acne is benzoyl peroxide. However, benzoyl peroxide is also very drying for normal skin and very difficult to deal with for dry skin acne. The use of benzoyl peroxide for spot treatment may work well, but as an all over face treatment for dry skin, it can be too harsh. Redness, blistering, and even scarring can result from the improper use of benzoyl peroxide.

Retin-A. This is a prescription acne medication, is also very drying to the skin and can sensitize the skin to sunburn. While it is an excellent treatment for acne, it is often used in combination with some moisturizing lotion to help treat any dry skin acne.

Make sure to check the cleanser with which you are using to wash your face. If should be a natural, gentle cleanser with some moisturizers in it. Preferably, the moisturizers should be natural oils and not petroleum-based products.

There are natural oils that work very well on acne and provide the moisturizing that is needed for dry skin. In combination with a healthy diet, vitamins, minerals and a proper skin care routine; the oils can be one solution to a very tricky problem.

Fact: Although washing your face helps to remove dirt and oil from your pores, washing too much can lead to dryness and irritation, causing more breakouts. Also, avoid scrubbing your face, which can irritate the skin. As a general rule, wash your face twice a day with Silverskin in a circular motion and gently pat dry when you’re done.

Fact: Because acne medication contains drying agents like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, using too much medication may cause over drying, leading to irritation and more blemishes.

SilverSkin. This system clears the skin, removes make-up, evens out the skin tone, fades sun spots, and maintains the skin’s natural moisture factor. It can help deep clean, prevents dryness, improves the health of your skin and also evens out the skin discolorations caused by sun-damaged skin.

SilverSkin is suitable for ALL skin types.

SilverSkin delivers its active ingredients directly into the dermis layer of the skin, via the pore. The particles are dramatically reduced in size, reaching deep below the surface, eliminating bacteria, minimizing wrinkles, moisturizing and feeding vital nutrients to the skin.

SilverSkin is also organic, natural, fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free, paba free,
non comedogenic,
not tested on animals,
contains organic ingredients, toxin free,
petro chemical free, synthetic free, dye free

How to Use our Clearer Face and Acne-Prone Skin System

• Step 1:  Wet face with warm water.  Apply one pump of Pore Cleanser (shake well before use), to your hands and massage gently into pores for one minute. Splash water onto face to rinse and pat excess moisture dry. 

• Step 2:  Apply PH Balance with a cotton pad and wipe onto skin to help reduce pore size.

• For bad spots, apply a dot of Pore Cleanser foam and rub into area and let dry. (Can be left on under moisturizer and make-up).

• Step 3:  Pump a nickel size amount of Moisture Lotion onto your palm and apply to skin to complete treatment.

• Once a week wet face with warm water and apply an ample amount of Masque to skin and work into pores. Let dry for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Apply PH Balance and Moisture Lotion.
NOTE: For best results, sleep on one side of your pillow each night, then after two nights, change to a new pillow case and repeat.

The Back Story

SilverSkin was Developed by a Compounding Pharmacist

“Because of my own personal lifelong battle with acne, I have developed a botanical, vitamin and mineral element enriched formula that has been professionally proven through human testing.

Most available products over-dry and strip skin of its natural acid mantle that helps skin to protect from dryness and irritation. This protective barrier is what helps keep bacteria from invading the underlying tissue and creating infection. Once the skin has been stripped of the natural barrier, we see redness start to increase, and major flaking around the reddened areas. What was once starting to improve now will become irritated and will start to look raw and increase in acne breakouts. The more we wash and treat, the more red the area becomes, and continues to dry more and more.

After many years of trial and error, I found that it is more important to recondition the skin naturally with botanicals, vitamins and minerals, and block the invading bacteria from growing on the skin by creating another barrier that helps the irritated lesions heal. Also, after working with wound care products over the last few decades, I found that there are several elements available that can also help the skin improve. We have used all these in SilverSkin.

This line of cosmeceuticals will help block the problems associated with acne-prone skin, while helping recondition skin for a healthy, smooth texture. SilverSkin has been tested on all skin types, and we have been pleased to find that great results have been seen across the board.”  Dr. Donna

SilverSkin is also organic, natural, fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free, paba free,
non comedogenic, not tested on animals, contains organic ingredients, toxin free, petro chemical free, synthetic free, dye free.

We want you to succeed as well in your battle with acne prone skin.”
FULL KIT   ($99.00 plus S/H)  That's a GREAT DEAL  for a full set of products to help heal the skin.  Teenagers will find confidence in facing their peers with clear and clean looking skin.  It's worth the investment to help them in this very common area of concern.  Great for adult acne sufferers too. 
To your good skin health,
Dr. Sonja


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fat-Binding Fiber

Clinical evidence shows that not all "fibers" are created equal.  In reviewing various products and trying to help patients in their fight to combat weight gain, high cholesterol, and insulin sensitivity, I needed something that I felt confident in recommending to target each of these common concerns for men and women.  I partner with a company that opens up many lines of healthcare practitioner driven products, provides clinical databases for review, and gives me access to consultants when necessary.  I was delighted to find this product, and as is not uncommon for me, I gave it a try for about 1 month to offer myself as a 'test dummy' and I have had no tolerance issues whatsoever.  That's important because you should see the collection of 'test dummy products' that now rests on my office shelf which have failed MY testing and never got to the recommendation stage.  Funny story on that note: I brought in a collagen product and every time that I try to take it I almost gag from the taste which our staff thinks is quite hilarious.  For some reason I think it's going to go better the next time…..NOT!   Tolerability, affordability, and effectiveness are essential in guaranteeing that someone can maintain a regimen.

**"N"** is what I will refer to in this blog as the product name.  If you are interested, you will have to give me a call for a special order that I will be placing later this afternoon for this and other patient requests. 

Here are some of the key details on "N":

-N contains a naturally occurring soluble fiber which is patented.
-Decades of preclinical and clinical research have established its supportive effects on body weight, insulin sensitivity, and serum lipid levels.
-Typical dietary fibers adhere to dietary fat in an approximate ratio of 1:1, but N has demonstrated a capability of up to 1:9
-Each serving (3/day) binds 18grams of dietary fat (~162 calories) which by using at the recommended dose can prevent absorption of up to ~480 dietary calories/day.
-The complex pass through the GI tract without being absorbed and is eliminated without unpleasant side effects.  (i.e. steatorrhea...I'll let you 'google' that term)
-By inhibiting dietary fat absorption, N can help to support healthy Triglyceride and cholesterol levels especially after meals or snacks. 
-N has a dose-dependent effect on glucose and insulin levels.
-The best results for N for weight management are to combine the product with a calorie restricted diet and exercise program.
-Stimulant FREE

If you would like for me to place your order for this specialty product, give our office a call today. 417-231-4544 and we can coordinate ordering and shipping to your home address.  $23.99+S/H.  Mention this blog and we will give you a 10% discount.

For those that would simply like an informational packet on this product along with weight management and hormonal imbalance issues, give us a call as well.  $19.99 for a professional kit fee.

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja