Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let's "Face" It, Healthy Skin Is In- The HydraFacial-Available in Branson MO

Oh My Goodness!!  My skin feels amazing today.  #wow

Read to the end and enjoy a special DISCOUNT CODE (Sept 15th- Nov 1st) to allow a pre-Holiday appointment time.  Your skin will look and feel fabulous for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanks to the expertise of Jana Kueck and Dr. Robin Talley, owners of Providence Medical Spa in Branson MO....(my ONLY go-to girls for all-things-skincare, #truth), I feel like a new woman today.  So good, that I can't keep this amazing anti-aging secret to myself.  I wanted to be able to show each of you out there in BLOG-land how amazing this technology is and why YOU should consider this for yourself.  If you have a SPECIAL EVENT coming up, get an appointment and treat yourself to younger looking skin for that occasion.  If you are a local to Branson, lucky you.  If you have a vacation planned for the Branson area, lucky you.  Either way, it's a win. Why?  Because this is an exclusive option that you will not find in most other medical spas.  It's cutting edge technology with immediate results and Providence is the only place you'll find it in this area.   It's very affordable, you don't have to hide from the public for a week after having a session, and it's effective. VERY, VERY effective.

 I told Jana we needed to film the session so that others could see (catch some of the videos below).  When Jana walked me through the procedure and explained each benefit, I was so enlightened and now I'm even more committed to my skin care. Who better to make a judgement call on the session than MYSELF so that I can inform my 59,000 blog guests who check in for anti-aging, hormone, and skincare information what this is like.  I understand now why women are coming in once every month or two to give their face a breath of fresh 'hydration'.   Give the MediSpa a call and set up your appointment.

So here goes…

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Now here's the best part.  Call Providence Medical Spa 417-334-4032 and mention this PROMO CODE as a benefit of reading this blog.  It gives you a 20% discount on a HydraFacial session and if I were you, I would consider taking advantage of multiple appointments at this rate.  
PROMO CODE: "HOLIDAY HYDRAFACIAL"  You'll be happy you did.  

To your good skin health, 
Dr. Sonja