Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Does Your Probiotic Contain the Secret Sauce?

One of the top recommended products that I suggest to a patient for a core daily regimen is a probiotic.  If you're not already taking a probiotic, then do your body a favor and get started on one right away.  But listen....all Probiotics are NOT created equal and I'll get to that point in this very important blog. 

Probiotics are essential in so many processes throughout our intricate physiological system with hormone metabolism being near the top of the list.  Probiotics also provide wellness in terms of gut metabolism, in bolstering the immune system, fending off candida overgrowth, and in helping to overpower and eradicate other toxins from our system.  Again, I can't stress the importance of using a probiotic enough.  But what probiotic is best?  I'm glad you asked. (smile)

Here's an important back story:
In the 1920's a French microbiologist named Henri Boulard was in Southeast Asia studying yeast and wanted to find a heat-resistant option that he could use in wine making.  Little did he know that a massive Cholera outbreak would take place in 1923 pointing him to a key ingredient that was unknown until that time.  He noticed that the locals would chew on the skin of the lychee and mangosteen fruit, or make teas with the skins to help in relieving their diarrhea from the Cholera.  An AHA moment took place for Mr. Boulard and the microbial analysis began for what he was witnessing in these very ill patients.  Saccharomyces, it turns out,  was the secret sauce in the plant helping to alleviate the gut disturbances leading to diarrhea. He named the 'strain' after himself and today we see it included as "Saccharomyces Boulardii in the BEST probiotic products.  Does your probiotic contain S. Boulardii?  If not, I would suggest another product option over what you are using.

I carry one of the best Probiotics you can find that does NOT have to be refrigerated making it great for daily use, travel, and convenience.  It is a one-stop shop blend and it is especially a great option for those with irregular bowel movements and those that are prescribed antibiotics. This multi-ingredient blend contains a patented technology that increases it viability and effectiveness through expiration.   Something that is also very important.  You might be using a Probiotic, but is it fully effective, or is it waning over time?  For those that have GI and inflammatory challenges, I can raise the bar a few notches and provide a suggestion on something even more powerful for a rapid immune response, inflammatory control, and microbiome restoration.  Don't struggle through another day with GI disruptions.  Give my team a call and we can guide you.  We only provide the BEST for YOU and YOURS.  Hand selected and personalized medicine!  That's what it's all about.

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Exciting!!!! Say GOODBYE to Allergies by Brushing Your Teeth

I've been incredibly excited to share this information.  (and hopefully you will be too, so please SHARE this blog) 

After customizing creative medicines for over 20 years now, it's rare that I see something so unique as what you are going to read about in this blog. 

 I was delighted to have this friend and practitioner reach out to me a few months ago and ask if I would review the information and consider customizing a treatment option for patients suffering from allergies.  I began to get excited when I thought about this at-home treatment option that was affordable, effective, and easy enough for children and adults to use without having to face injection needles, weekly doctors visits, and interrupted family schedules.  That's BIG!  And I really had an "Aha Moment!" when I realized that it was something that our expert team could provide with our compounding lab facility, our equipment, and our many years of experience in launching new approaches in creative medicine.  After all, that's what we're all about.  THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE NOW!

We are delighted to be the exclusive compounding pharmacy to provide this treatment in the Branson area in collaboration with Carolyn Clark, NP of Tri-Lakes Family Care.  But don't worry....if you live away, Carolyn can provide an e-visit and get you all set for your allergy testing and then our compounding lab @ Lakeland Pharmacy (417-231-4544) can design a toothpaste product for your specific allergies.  A Toothpaste?  That's right!!!    

Brush Away your Allergies
If you could brush your teeth every day and get rid of allergies would you do it? Well, if I have your attention, read on…

In years past if you suffered from allergy symptoms you would simply be told you have three options:
1. Purchase over the counter medications and use daily to hopefully reduce your symptoms.
2. See an allergist and be offered immunotherapy through weekly injections. This would require going to a health care provider’s office on a weekly basis. Therapy takes 3-5 years.
3. Purchase sublingual therapy and place two drops under the tongue without swallowing for 2 minutes every day again for 3-5 years. (great for adults, but you ever try to make a 5 year old not swallow for 2 minutes?)
Now, there is a new method that I have been SO excited to launch in partnership with Lakeland Pharmacy. It is called oral immunotherapy. We test you for respiratory allergens such as dust mites, rag weed, cat and dog dander, etc., and then compound a toothpaste that has those specific allergens in it. You then brush your teeth daily for 2 minutes with the toothpaste and after 3-5 years you develop immunity to those allergens! Typically patients experience relief of allergy symptoms within a 3-9 month period of toothpaste use. However, in order to build up lifelong immunity it is best to continue brushing your teeth for 3-5 years.
Check out a video on the toothpaste(NOTE that the price in the video is NOT our price):
Are you ready to start brushing away your respiratory allergies?
Then here is what you need to do:
  1. Schedule a consultation with one of our health care providers by calling the office at 417-332-3639, or scheduling an Evisit(video chat) by clicking here.
  2. We will then set up allergy testing by a simple blood draw either at our office or the nearest Quest Lab near you.
  3. Once the results are in, we can compound(through Lakeland Pharmacy) allergens into one toothpaste for you for a price of $180 per 3 Month Supply.
  4. You then brush your teeth daily for 2 minutes. (We do recommend doing the first dosage with a health care provider present)
Typically side effects are mild and include: tingling, itching, or mild swelling in the lining of the mouth and all typically resolve after the first 2 weeks of therapy.
Don’t live in the Branson area? This doesn’t mean we cannot assist you in getting started with immunotherapy. Feel free to schedule an Evisit to discuss how we can do as much treatment/testing for you right where you live.
Is this just for adults? Absolutely not! It is for ages 5 and up.
Finally, I know it may seem costly to pay $60 per month for allergy therapy. However, The average price of Flonase is $19 per month, Zyrtec is $18/month, and Benadryl is $5/month. If you are having to use these daily to cover up the problem instead of fixing it you are already spending an average of $42 per month.
We are so excited to start using this new and innovative method to treat your allergies. Please contact our office today for an appointment! Visit our website to get to know us even better and feel free to connect directly with one of our staff to ask further questions/information by clicking here.
As always, I hope you stay happy and healthy,
Carolyn Clark, NP-C