Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
Dr. Sonja O'Bryan, Pharm.D., ABAAHP Board Certified Health Practitioner Diplomate-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: "Creative Medicines" for Hormones-Weight-Pain-Fatigue-Skin Diseases-Pediatrics-Autoimmune Disorders-Veterinary Needs. Using Complimentary, Integrative, Regenerative, Bio-Identical, and Lifestyle Medicine For Health and Healing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

YOUniversity!!! December 2015 HOT TOPIC "Collagen Induction Therapy"

 CLASSES FORMING NOW!!! As promised, YOUniversity will kick-off December 10th, 2015. 

The collaborative team of Professionals at Providence Medical Spa, Lakeland Wellness, and Cornerstone Christian Counseling have a desire to help YOU.  So much so, that we have decided to put our expertise and efforts together to allow a one-stop wellness forum using our provider network to present information, provide demonstrations,  and answer the common questions that we so often get asked.   This is a great opportunity to gain key information on the relevant HOT TOPICS of anti-aging, health, and wellness. 

What treatments are available?
What are the costs?
What skincare products work best?
Do I have a hormonal imbalance?
How do I go about testing and treatment?
How do I battle stress, emotional swings, anxiety, and depression?
What changes can I anticipate with aging?

 ~Imagine all of the questions that you might have  related to hormones, skincare, wellness, aesthetics, supplements, weight management, fatigue, scarring, pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional health, and MORE.  We intend to answer these questions by providing a monthly program focused on a certain health and wellness topic each month.  Here's what's up FIRST!!!


Make plans to join our December program where Jana Kueck R.N will be sharing on the topic of COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY. It's one of the most popular procedures for men and women coming into the Medical Spa.  Jana will be covering these 5 key YOUniversity "notes" of interest. 

1.  What are the common signs of aging after 40 years old?

2. What are the effective ways to prevent collagen loss with aging?

3.  What are the advantages of Collagen Induction Therapy/MicroNeedling ?

4.  A live demonstration to show you what the procedure involves.

5. What about the after care and associated costs with the treatments provided in the Spa?

YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!  Jana serves clients with excellence and great compassion.

Make it a part of your New Years Resolution to own your health in a better way.   Join our
 "CommYOUnity of Wellness" where relevant issues will be highlighted and discussed each month.   We hope and expect that you will make some new friends along the way. 

Also, Make sure to mention this BLOG and call the number listed on the coupon to get registered for the class.  The class if FREE ($25 value) but you must RSVP due to limited space.  417-334-4032 or
YOUniversity Classes will be held in the Conference Room of Providence Medical Spa.