Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
Dr. Sonja O'Bryan, Pharm.D., ABAAHP Board Certified Health Practitioner Diplomate-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: "Creative Medicines" for Hormones-Weight-Pain-Fatigue-Skin Diseases-Pediatrics-Autoimmune Disorders-Veterinary Needs. Using Complimentary, Integrative, Regenerative, Bio-Identical, and Lifestyle Medicine For Health and Healing.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Enhanced Health for Women and Men

We are especially EXCITED to introduce the newest practitioner, Kelli "Christine" Crosson, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, owner of Enhanced Health as a part of the MediSpa professional network.

Enhanced Health is a new addition to the Providence Aesthetics and Medical Spa, Lakeland Wellness, and Cornerstone Christian Counseling Team.  Following the purpose of body, mind and spirit, we hope to focus on meeting the needs of internal health and healing for our clients.  Many women and men suffer daily from fatigue, depression, anxiety, and obesity.  When they seek help, often they are told, "you need to lose weight", or "take a pill", but are offered unsatisfactory help to achieve overall health.
At Enhanced Health we believe that by listening, looking deeper into the originating problem and walking a path with our clients to help them meet their health goals, together, we can achieve overall health.  We provide our clients with options for weight loss, thyroid management, hormone balancing, and primary care.  We utilize a variety of diagnostic testing to determine the most successful outcomes.  We look forward to helping you ENHANCE your health!!!  Call 417-320-6250

Enhanced Health clinic services is NOW scheduling appointments. Business operations will be Thursdays 9a-5p and Fridays 9a-2pm.  A CLINIC FOR MEN AND WOMEN!!!!!  (Hormones, Fatigue, Thyroid, Pain, Weight Loss, and MORE)   This is just what you've been looking for!!

Take a look at this short video and make sure to check out some of the other AMAZING services and options that can now be found inside Providence Medical Spa.

Professional Counseling (Individual/Family)
Saliva/Blood Hormone Testing 
Thyroid Testing
Cosmetic Injections
Facial Fillers
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Collagen Induction Therapy
Advanced Flourescent Therapy (IPL/BBL)
Yag Laser (fades capillaries on the face and nasal area)
Venus Legacy (SKIN TIGHTENING and body contouring of cellulite and stretch marks)
Corrective Peels
Customized Facials
Laser Hair Removal
*Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy& Compounded Prescription Hormones
Adrenal Fatigue Testing
Cortisol Testing
Customized Vitamin/Supplement/Anti-Aging Support Therapies
*Weight Loss
Fibromyalgia, Pain, Stress, Fatigue testing and protocols
Iodine Testing

Neurotransmitter testing and treatment (headaches, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression)
And MORE!!!

Don't forget to RSVP and we will plan to see you Sept. 8th!!! 

We are delighted to be your one stop INTEGRATIVE CARE TEAM.  For appointments or more information call:  417-334-4032 (Providence Medical Spa) 

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