Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Skin-Tastic!!! A patient testimonial about Psoriasis

"I have suffered with psoriasis for 45 years. The condition just kept getting worse and the plaque began to build up until it was uncontrollable. I tried various medications (steroid creams, oral steroids, anti-itch creams, and many over the counter products) but none of them worked effectively for any length of time. My psoriasis seems to be localized to the knees, elbows, and the back of my head making it obvious to others when I would wear shorts or short sleeves. It was embarrassing for me to have these areas visible to others. I sought treatment from the specialty medicine services of  Dr. Sonja O'Bryan. A multi-ingredient medication was made in a high potency strength for me. It is something that I could not get as a regular prescription, but something that was individualized to my needs. It penetrates well into the psoriasis areas and does not leave a greasy residue like some of the other products I have tried. I'm HAPPY TO SAY that it has stopped the itching, reduced the scaling, and it seems to be going away completely. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with this or other similar conditions. It's affordable and effective. Wow! I'm pleased!!!"
Thank you,

For people suffering with psoriasis, the personal aggravation, embarrassment, and failed attempts at clearing things up can be never ending. I can remember several patients throughout the years who have suffered with psoriasis in different places on their body. The knees, elbows, and scalp seem to be the most commonly affected areas for sure. Raised, red, scaly, and silvery are all ways that patients describe the affected areas. Psoriasis commonly is diagnosed anywhere from the age of 15-35. I actually had a small child not long ago with what the doctors think is the early signs of psoriasis. Thankfully Mom got right on it. Go MOM!!!

A personal medication history helps me to know what things have been tried in the past and what solutions I might be able to offer in a customized medicine. Scalp treatments require that I prepare things that can be lathered as a shampoo, while knees and elbows require something that can be rubbed in without a lasting feeling of greasiness as people go about their daily lives. We can make all sorts of remedies to help subdue the psoriasis flare and often put two or three ingredients together to cover all the bases.

If you suffer from psoriasis call me. I likely can make a multi-ingredient product 'customized' for less than you will spend on your insurance copay for each of the agents alone. I will be happy to fax or consult with your personal physician or provider.

Now that's good medicine.


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