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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Real Men have Real Man-o-pause

Did you know that men are not exempt from the downsizing of hormone levels as they age and androgen deficiency is often undiagnosed and untreated?  Remember from your biology lessons that androgens stimulate and control the development and maintenance of male characteristics and that the most well-known androgen is testosterone.  If you have been watching TV commercials, you will see low T highlighted everywhere.  Why? As men age, the production of testosterone goes down, down, down causing a once active and energetic man to become more sedentary and uninterested.  There are more and more men coming to my office to get tested for what they think might be problems with low Testosterone.  I know...I's not easy for "real men" to step out of their comfort zone and get things checked, but once the problem is identified and treated, they ALWAYS wish they had sought professional help sooner.  If you were wondering, but never thought to ask your provider, I've created a list of the common problems that men face as they age.  I promise you those guys that keep beating you in golf, who are now looking slim and trim, and bulking back up are probably coming in to pick up their 'low T' mojo.  Just sayin'

Symptoms of Andropause (the clinical term for male menopause) can include these things that become problematic and frustrating for many men as the production of testosterone begins to decline.

Symptoms of Andropause:
SLEEP disturbances
Decreased libido
Decreased stamina
Erectile Dysfunction
Prostate Problems
Decreased urine flow
Increased urinary urge
Lack of motivation and interest
Premature aging
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Mood swings
Abdominal Fat and weight gain
Decreased strength
Decreased mental sharpness
Elevated triglycerides
Bone loss
Memory lapses
Decreased exercise capacity
Decreased beard
Breast enlargement
IRRITABILITY and SNAPPY OUTBURSTS (highlighted b/c it's a common complaint)

Testosterone deficiency symptoms tend to come on gradually for men and they don't always know what hit them.  The testes produce nearly 95% of all male testosterone and at 40 years of age (or so) there is a decline in testosterone production which continues on throughout the later years of life.  By the mid to late "40 something" years, testosterone is down to about 40% from peak levels, A recent study by the World Health Organization which tested mens T levels at age 25 and THEN AGAIN at age 70 found that these men's T levels decreased by 90%.  Remember that's 45 years of data on the same guys.  That has a huge impact on men and the way that they feel.  How could it not?!?!

So what's the big deal by not doing anything? 
Well today there are numerous studies that are finding a link between disease and low Testosterone levels.  In one study, nearly 800  (EIGHT-HUNDRED!!!) men were evaluated with study results showing that there was a 33% greater risk of death (that's D-E-A-T-H, croaking, flatlining) for men with low T vs. those with normal T levels.  These men were more likely to have elevated inflammatory markers which lead to many diseases.  The men with low T were also more than 3 times more likely to have a waist circumference more than 40 inches, low HDL (good cholesterol), high triglycerides, and high blood pressure and blood sugar.  You can take your Lipitor and blood pressure medicine, but perhaps getting to the root of the problem is a better area of focus.  Fix the testosterone, fix the other problems.  And if you are on any of these other medicines, I need to guide you on the nutrients that they deplete from your system.  It's sad but true.  Be informed!!

And did you know that GUYS get osteoporosis too?  Roughly 1/3 of all hip fractures occur in men.  By about age 55, they face almost the SAME risk for osteoporosis as menopausal women.

In a study of male veterans, low serum T levels were shown to increase the risk of death in the next few years by 88%, according to a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine. That's compelling evidence if you ask me. 

If you have any of these symptoms, please get your T levels checked.  I have many patients who have been diagnosed with low T and found the answer and resolution to many of their health needs. The testing in simple and something you can do from your own home for the low cost of $60.   I am a STRONG supporter of saliva testing for testosterone imbalance.  I have plenty of studies to show that BLOOD does not always detect the levels well.  In other words, you may be told that everything is "NORMAL" and then test by saliva and realize that you are very low.  TRUTH!  Happens ALL the time.  I will work with your personal physician (for your) if you are suspicious that you are dealing with Andropause. Man-up guys and give me a call.

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja

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