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Customized Medicines
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Low Testosterone? Women Have It Too!

When I mention the hormone Testosterone, people automatically associate it with men.  Maybe that's because if you sit down for any length of time and watch TV, you will probably notice an advertisement pop up regarding low levels of Testosterone (low T) in men along with a loooooong list of reasons one should not take it.  Sometimes I wonder why they even bother paying the high price to advertise because by the end of the commercial you want nothing to do with any treatment that's promoted, not just T.  The truth (in real life), however, is that men with low T who begin therapy tend to do very well, and improve in many different areas of need.  In fact, the list of men seeking hormone replacement therapy is growing significantly as medical studies continue to prove that testosterone is important for prevention of cardiovascular disease, brain protection, and various other concerns of aging men.  But, testosterone in women is incredibly important as well.  In fact, Testosterone does so many things for women and I encourage you to do your homework on the benefits.  No doubt with aging, Testostosterone production from the ovaries and adrenal glands begins to decline right along with the other major hormones.  This is so important that the FDA now has several products on the docket for the treatment of low T in women and soon I expect that you will see some of the same commercials being promoted for women's issues.  Here's what we already know and why we have been providing Testosterone for women for a very long time.  It's not uncommon for me to recommend Testosterone therapy in women and often just a very mild dose will correct most of their troublesome symptoms. 

Testosterone does the following things in the body:
Increases sense of well-being
Increases muscle mass and strength
Helps maintain memory
Helps in combatting saggy skin
Decreases excess body fat
Elevates neurotransmitters in the brain promoting better mood
Decreases bone deterioration and maintains bone strength
Increases libido

So how do you know if you might have low Testosterone ladies?  ...

These symptoms may correlate with a lowered amount of Testosterone in your body: 
Muscle wasting, despite exercise
Weight gain
Low self-esteem
Decreased HDL (good cholesterol)
Decreased sex drive
Mild depression
Less dreaming
Dry, thin skin, with poor elasticity
Thinning and dry hair
Droopy eyelids
Thin lips
Hypersensitivity and hyperemotional

Menopause is not the only reason for Testosterone going down, down, down.  Here are some other links:

Adrenal stress and burnout
Psychological trauma and strain
Birth control pills
Cholesterol lowering meds (the "statins" in particular)

Occasionally when women decide to evaluate their Testosterone, it is discovered that they have a high amount in their body. 

These are more common symptoms of increased T if that is the case:
Low Blood Sugar
Salt and Sugar Cravings
Facial Hair
Irregular menstrual cycles
Fluid retention
Hair loss on the scalp and growth in unwanted areas

The long and short (literally) of Testosterone analysis is testing.  If any of these things are going on with you, it would be good to have a saliva hormone panel. I mention saliva because it is a great indicator due to the way that Testosterone moves across the cell wall and to the target receptor sites where we need it.  About one percent of the testosterone you make is "free", and the rest is in a bound form making it less usable by the body's system.  Women with increased Testosterone have more free T which is very specific to the way that saliva testing is assayed.

As with everything else that you may be reading about hormone replacement therapy, it is important to balance ALL hormones.  For instance, estrogen is needed to help testosterone work better.  And there are conversions of one hormone to another that need to be considered in those needing therapy.  Too much of something is rarely ever a good thing and can happen with hormone replacement therapies if no one is paying attention to these key details.  I happen to know the metabolic cascade of hormones which is essential in taking good care of men and women.  I also know the complimentary options in helping to rid certain hormones from the body if you happen to be high in particular hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and Testosterone.  AND.. Natural or Bio-identical Testosterone is definitely the way to go over synthetic options that are available on the market.  That's why both men and women are seeking this customized approach to their care. 

We've been providing testing kits and customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapies for almost 15 years now. You are uniquely designed and that's why we are interested in giving you the personalized therapy that you need to get back to looking better, feeling better, and living better.  It's the BEST way to do hormone replacement therapy and to get rid of these unwanted symptoms. 

Call us for a testing kit today. 

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja


  1. Yeah I read an article about it. and yes exercise is a good way to boost testosterone.

    1. Very true! Exercise is a booster for nearly everything. Where are you reading this blog from Catherine?

  2. wow great information thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Very informative. There are some men and women who are looking for supplements to increase their t levels but need to ensure that the products you are using are safe and effective to avoid negative results to your health.

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  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing this helpful post Low Testosterone . Will check some of them up

  5. Hi! I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I really appreciate it. I have been on low dose estrogen birth control pill for 24 years. I just turned 40 and do NOT want children. I am frustrated because I feel that the pill has begun to affect my life in a negative way. However, it is hard for me to judge as in the last couple of years, I also have had several lifestyle changes. I have three main questions related to birth control and testosterone levels -1) Does this lowering of testosterone levels increase the longer a woman has been on the pill? 2) I have had a fairly stressful couple of years along with not exercising regularly like I used to - if my levels HAVE lowered - do I stand a decent chance of regaining to at least where they were if I increase my exercise again? I never felt much affect from the pill through my 20's and 30's so I am having trouble gauging what is lifestyle and what could be pill. I also have very little "prepill" experience to judge from as I was 16 when I started? Somewhat unrelated - what do you recommend for a woman in my position who still does not want to have children? Also, have you had many women have trouble going off the pill? Thank you SO much for your help and input!

  6. Hi Melanie! Testosterone typically declines with aging and birth control pills can also have an impact on the bodies normal production of sex hormones. Exercising can help and well trained athletes commonly have higher levels in comparison to those that don't exercise much at all. It's certainly a healthy approach in trying to boost levels. On the topic of birth control, there are non-hormonal approaches such as I.U.D, rhythm method, and barrier protection, but personal choice and risk of pregnancy is at the forefront of that decision. I've had countless women go off of birth control pills in my many years of doing this. They often feel much better and notice improvements in many areas. Again, it's a big decision for an individual to determine what is best for them. Take care!

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