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Customized Medicines
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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Stress-O-Meter: How High Is Your Number?

Stress is one of those things that's difficult to fully evaluate, but the importance of mitigating stress is of utmost importance for good health, graceful aging, and believe it or not, safety.  Accidents and illness can both be brought on by operating in super-duper stress mode all the time.  Lack of attention to details could leave a person in a real predicament and how many of you know that "life" brings plenty of those on it's own?  To give people an idea of where they measure up on the Stress-O-Meter, I like to have them assess their stress through a point system.  What is your total?

Point Value and Life Event

15 -Change in social activities
15-Change in sleeping habits
20-Change in residence
20-Change in work hours
20-Change in church activities
25-Tension at work
25-Small children in the home
25-Change in living conditions
30-Outstanding personal achievement
30-Problem teenager in the home
30-Trouble with in-laws
30-Difficulties with peer group
30-Son or daughter leaving home
30-Change in responsibilities at work
30-Taking over financial responsibility
30-Foreclosure on mortgage or loan
35-Change in relationship with spouse
35-Change to a different line of work
35-Loss of a close friend
40-Gain of a new family member
40-Sexual difficulties
45-Change in the health of a family member
50-Loss of job
50-Change in quality of religious faith
50-Marriage problems
50-Personal Injury or Illness
60-Loss of self-confidence
60-Death of a close family member
60-Injury to reputation
65-Trouble with the law
65-Marital separation
100-Death of spouse

A score of 150 or less is normal.
With a score of 150-250, one-third of all persons may experience illness or accident.
With a score of 250-300, you have a 50:50 chance of accident or illness
Above a score of 350, you may be 75% sure of accident or illness in the months ahead.

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