Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
Dr. Sonja O'Bryan, Pharm.D., ABAAHP Board Certified Health Practitioner Diplomate-American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: "Creative Medicines" for Hormones-Weight-Pain-Fatigue-Skin Diseases-Pediatrics-Autoimmune Disorders-Veterinary Needs. Using Complimentary, Integrative, Regenerative, Bio-Identical, and Lifestyle Medicine For Health and Healing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Special Products for Special Concerns of Special People

Often people don't completely understand what to take or where to turn for their anti-aging and wellness recommendations.    A little of this, and a little of that, can add up to a lot of unnecessary $pending on regimens that a person might not actually need.  Can you relate?  This is where our team fits best.  Not only do we design custom regimens for hormonal imbalance and pain, but we also design custom and over-the-counter integrative and functional regimens as well .  I refer to it as prescribed supplements.  In fact, if I'm working with a physician or practitioner on a patients profile, I also include specific recommendations for nutraceuticals in addition to hormone therapy customs.  Why?  Key nutrients are essential in how hormones metabolize in the body.  If a person is relying on diet alone to make that happen, I can almost guarantee it's not enough.  With our clinical databases, clinical support team, and networking providers coast-to-coast, we can find answers for YOU and get you on a regimen to address your unfortunate family medical history, your current diagnosis, or simply your attempt to just be healthier overall.  You are the most important person in our world and it's why we are seeing such tremendous success in Branson MO. 

  I work primarily with pharmaceutical grade and high quality products for which you must be a healthcare practitioner to purchase and use in patient care.  When selecting products, I also try to keep cost and effectiveness at the forefront of what I stock and offer to clients.  And remember, we have access to the top anti-aging/wellness/functional/regenenerative/integrative product lines out there.  We provide a great resource to patients.  I'm proud of that and have seen a tremendous shift over the last 10 years in how people are trying to stay ahead of the disease curve. 

To give you and idea, here's a few of the special orders that I have placed for patients and practitioners over the last few weeks.  Some of these have been so popular and effective with patients that I keep them in stock.

~Weight loss product clinically proven to have effect in 2 weeks with no stimulant effects.  I actually did a trial of this one to make sure it didn't cause the jitters.  It doesn't.  All good!!  

~Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Restoration Protocols.  Again, I've personally tried many of the products that I recommend and continue to take many of the supplements in this regimen myself.

~Products for reduction of high Homocysteine levels

~Ovulation regulation for fertility

~Testosterone support formula for Men

~End Fatigue Sleep Revitalization Formulas

~Anxiety Balance formulations

~Healthy Hormone Metabolizers

~Glucose Support Formulas

~Alzheimer's/Dementia Brain Support Formulas

~Polycystic Ovary Syndrome support

~Womens GI Formulation

~Anti-inflammatory Nutraceuticals

~Joint and Muscle Restoration Products

~Skin Care Agents

~Blood Pressure Support Formula

~Meal Replacement Shakes

~Collagen Support Formulations

~Skin care/ Fine lines and wrinkles remedies

And remember that we also offer testing kits:
Hormone Testing
Adrenal Testing
Thyroid Testing
Weight Management Testing
Iodine Testing
Fertility Testing
Sleep Profile Testing .....

Standard Tests
Saliva, blood spot and dried urine are used for the minimally-invasive hormone testing.  The simplicity of sample collection and stability of samples in storage and transport have made these ideal for clinical use as well as research.  See the table below for a full list of our current test offerings.
TestBlood SpotSalivaDried Urine
Estradiol (E2) 
Progesterone (Pg) 
Testosterone (T), free  
Testosterone (T), total  
Estriol (E3)  
Estrone (E1)  
Cortisol (C), free  
Cortisol (C), total  
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)  
Free Thyroxine (fT4)  
Free Triiodothyronine (fT3)  
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)  
Thyroid Peroxidase Hormone (TPO)  
Thyroxine (T4), total  
IGF-1 (Somatomedin C)  
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)  
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)  
Insulin (Ins), fasting  
Cholesterol (CH), total  
HDL Cholesterol (HDL)  
High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP)  
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)  
Triglycerides (TG)  
Vitamin D, Total  
25-OH Vitamin D2  
25-OH Vitamin D3  
Iodine (I)  
Bromine (Br)  
Arsenic (Ar)  
Selenium (Se)  
Mercury (Hg)  
Creatinine (Cr)  

.......and the list goes on and on in all that we are providing.    It truly is the FUTURE of medicine NOW!!!  If you would like a personal evaluation and a custom designed regimen, please don't hesitate to call our team.  We're happy to answer your questions, make recommendations, work with your doctor, or whatever you need.  We can also ship the products straight to your home.  Or, if you're in the area, stop by and see us personally.  It's a great city to catch a LIVE Family Friendly show while you're visiting. 

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja

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