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Customized Medicines
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Not Coincidence, It's Providence!

I want to introduce you to a couple of fantastic women that I met a few years ago.  I remember walking into their Medical Spa just to give a friendly hello, and to introduce myself, and then walking out about 45 minutes later with a sense of calm and joy regarding the connections that took place in their office that day.  Faith, family, friendships, and our unique concern for how we could each provide great care to people through our special God given gifts was the common thread of conversations.  What we didn't realize AT ALL that day, was that we would fast-forward to a time when we would all serve in our specialties under one roof.   It wasn't coincidence, it was definitely providence which if you talk to these women is the whole foundation of their business and their care.  The kind of encounter where you look back...or maybe better stated, look UP, with a smile and gratitude.  I could not make a better referral to two people that I trust more than Jana Kueck, RN, and Dr. Robin Talley, MD.    Here's their story and bio's so that you can get connected to them as well.

Providence Aesthetics and Medical Spa was established in 2009 by owners Robin Talley, M.D., and Jana Kueck, R.N.   They began their 30-plus year friendship as roommates at Cox School of Nursing.  Both Talley and Kueck received their nursing degrees and began working in local hospitals.

 Talley went on to University of Kansas Medical School and obtained board certification in anesthesiology.  (No better person to use anesthetics for aesthetics than an anesthesiologist if you ask that was a mouthful.  Seriously though, right?)  This is a physician who is serving in her specific field of expertise.   That's HUGE and why I feel so strongly about the excellent care that you will receive from Dr. Talley.  Not only that, but Dr. Talley went on to do advanced training and a fellowship in aesthetic medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  Over the last 9 years, she has administered thousands of injections of dermal fillers and anti-aging treatments.

Jana Kueck, R.N. is a Branson MO native and has more than 25 years experience in women's health services within the local hospital setting.  Jana is skilled in countless anti-aging procedures  but some of her common requests and appointments are for laser treatments, collagen induction, skincare, and Venus therapy sessions.  Jana's years working as a nurse with patients in the medical/surgery realm of healthcare have prepared her for her current love of aesthetics and in treating the WHOLE person to live, look, and feel better.   Jana believes that cosmetic nursing is an amazing art form that brings the individuals natural inner beauty to the surface.  I can verify that Jana practices what she believes and exudes a warm and inviting spirit when you are in her care.

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To say that it is an honor to be connected with these professionals would be an understatement.  What I can tell you is that since we made the decision to come alongside each other in one place to help others in our specific areas of expertise, it has been NOTHING short of amazing.  You'll definitely want to call ahead for an appointment and we can make sure that you get connected to the right provider on our DREAM TEAM here in the Midwest.   417-334-4032

May your day be filled with providence,
Dr. Sonja O'Bryan, Pharm.D., ABAAHP
Lakeland Wellness

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