Customized Medicines

Customized Medicines
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tomorrow's Medicine TODAY! People Are Seeking Better Ways

The realm of integrative, complimentary, restorative, and anti-aging medicine is growing at an unprecedented rate.  It's exciting, because for years and years, myself and the team trudged along building a foundation for something that we knew would come.  Our team has been together for years now, which I love and I think is important. Yeah for us! Attending conferences, joining webinars, teaching programs to community groups and churches, going back to the classroom myself with the A4M, and talking to physicians was the norm for so long.  The time is here!!  Now, the calls are coming in to us with questions on how we might provide unique solutions to individuals needs.  I'm grateful for that and look forward to additional growth in the future.  It's coming!

There are things I've learned over the course of my professional career and some transitions that are taking place.   I encourage you to add you thoughts and comments about the view on "modern medicine".  Here's my two cents:

~People want NATURAL when possible. 

~People are seeking options that used to be considered "alternative".  Now we're finding that they should have been included all along.

~Hormonal imbalance affects everything from menstrual cycles, fertility, mood, vitality, heart health, bone strength, cognitive function, sexuality, rapid aging, weight management, sleep and the list could go on and on.  And except for menstrual cycles, that's a statement for both men and women.  We are seeing more and more attention being drawn to this in the media and in health articles.

~"Normal" ranges aren't always in sync with a patients symptoms.  For 30 years we had a "normal TSH range" for thyroid that has now been adjusted ~6 points lower.  That means that for decades, people were being told they were 'normal'.  They would be on therapy by today's tightened ranges.  Sad!  Medical oopsie that cannot be reversed.  We can't afford these kind of oo-boo's.   It really makes people wonder what the word "normal" really means, and if it can be trusted.

~Often nutraceuticals (vitamins, herbs, and supplements) can be used to treat/prevent common things.  If you are NOT on certain nutritionals (omega's, Vitamin D, core vitamins ), you are more prone to disease.  The studies prove it's true.

~Band-aid medicine is NOT the best answer.  It just covers up the problem.  What is the underlying reason?  That's what people want to know. 

~People can't afford to go to the doctor and are looking for other avenues and options to treat their problems or better yet, to prevent or minimize them from happening. I design custom regimens tailored to family disease and inherited risks.  If you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, it's absolutely necessary for you to get started in prevention.  That's Anti-Aging medicine at it's best. If you are doing nothing, then take the next step and email:

~ Customized medicine is often much less expensive than the pharmaceutical approach.  It's not just for the celebrities in Hollywood.   We have hundreds of women and men on Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and we've had some of them for many years.  Why is that?  They feel better and want to maintain their health and longevity as much as possible.

~Bio-identical Hormones are the best approach in treating imbalances and can change the "issues" men and women are having.  If you have never heard this term, please do some reading.  If you've never heard about Adrenal Fatigue, do some reading.  Please, please.

~Anti-depressants, Anti-anxiety medicines, pain medicines, and sleeping pills are prescribed as the magic cocktail for aging when other options need to be investigated.  Sadly, they have done a poor job at mitigating these conditions for the long haul.

~Diet and Lifestyle awareness is trending.  We all know we could do better.  Some choose to, some not so much, but overall I think there's an increased awareness.  (Maybe I'm just looking with a glass-half-full mentality??)

~Our modern day foods are saturated with pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and hormones but the truly organic versions are way more expensive, so people can't afford to buy them.  Bringing those prices down is an economic benefit to healthcare costs in the end.  Reward farmers who want to provide quality and not quantity.  Reward consumers who want to eat better. Healthy should not only be for the wealthy.  Can I get an amen?

~People need more time with their doctor for their needs to be fully expressed.  The average time is about 7 minutes.  Sad! I hope you don't forget to remember (smile) what you're supposed to talk about in that short of a time period with your physician or practitioner.  Have you ever left the office saying, "Crud, I forgot to ask about that!"?  Of course you have.  When I wrote my hormone handbook, I included a section at the back of each chapter to allow personal notes as a reminder to discuss those issues with the doctor.  It has worked well for women. 

~We will see a growing number of physicians abandoning the corporate practice world to provide specialty care and to truly build relationships with their patients.  Its already happening and I can give you specific names.  High five to them!!

~There's something to this autism and ADHD  thing with children.  I don't have the answer, but I believe there's a need for funding in research and programs to evaluate every possible cause. (vaccines, food, maternity care, etc.). Integrative Medicine has done a great job in leading the way for possible reasons and interventions to help.  Parents of these children are heroes and sheroes!!

~People are starting to talk more openly and seek answers.  A referral is the highest compliment to me and I'm always thankful when a friend refers a friend.  Tell your story and your success and cheer each other on. 

~Statistics are now showing that half of Americans are headed for obesity.  That number is higher than ever.  There will be a tremendous burden to our healthcare system and to each of our pocket books if we don't turn this cat around.

~Pain management is a huge issue and prescription pain pills are known to cause problems with hormonal imbalance, gastrointestinal motility, respiratory function, and mental clarity.  We are providing a greater amount of customized pain therapies for those patients needing control of pain.  Physicians are now being educated about topical pain management more than ever before. 

~Customized therapy is not always a first thought with people.  But, you need to know it IS an option and the last thought should sometimes be your first thought.  Call us and we can offer options and bill your prescription insurance. 

~People are seeking physicians who are in tune with this niche of medicine.  The textbooks of 50 years ago are good, but we've come a long way baby and we now know so much more.  That's called progress and some providers just aren't willing to change. Thankfully, I work with some of the best and brightest this country has to offer and who take time to update their intellectual data bank.  They're out there, you just have to find them.

Okay, enough for today.  I would absolutely LOVE to hear your perspective on this note.  This is a compilation of what people are talking about in my world.  Comment away!

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja

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