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Customized Medicines
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Secrets of Thin People

In honor of our community wide weight loss initiative, I will be posting some tips and tricks to help you lose weight in a healthy and positive way.  I'm a very practical person by nature,  so I often try to share my experiences and advice in ways that you can digest too. (no pun intended on the topic of weight loss)  Smile!!

It's been a FANTASTIC kick-off this morning with people signing up to get started.  And maybe I should explain that to start the FREE program, we simply need to get you on the scale to record your beginning weight THIS WEEK.  We are also calculating your BMI to determine your level of obesity.  Both weight and BMI are equally important markers in the weight loss realm.  I also wrote a blog on calculating your BMR and posted it again today so you can determine a calorie intake target.  BMR, what's that? That's your Basal Metabolic Rate, or simply, the rate at which you burn calories without doing much of anything different from your normal routine.  If you cut your calorie intake regularly from your BMR, you will lose weight. These calculators are also available online through various websites if you want to simply google the search terms and key in your values.

Today, I'll give you the secrets of those that are effortlessly thin.  Practice these common behaviors to get the scale moving in the right direction for yourself. 

Here we go..... TOP 10 Secrets of Thin People!!

1.  They don't diet.  Repeat!!  They DON'T diet!  Simply reassess what you eat.  Go on an EDIT and not a DIET.  Reduce the bad stuff and add the good stuff. You know this, but applying it is the key.

2.  They keep track of their weight.  Get on the scale regularly to keep a handle on your progress. 2 pounds is easier to catch than 10. 

3.  They exercise regularly.  5 days a week x 30 minutes.  Get up off that thing!!

4.  They don't solve problems with food.  Pay attention all stress eaters.  Food is not medicine and it's not a good coping mechanism. 

5.  They stop eating when they're full.  You don't have to clean your plate, contrary to what your mother taught you growing up.  Sorry Mom!

6.  They allow themselves treats.  If you lose two pounds in a week, have the hersheys kiss or scoop of sherbert.  But don't have the triple large, chocolate fudge, brownie batter, oreo yabadaba doo with a cherry on top.  Control the rewards, but do incorporate them. 

7. They don't surround themselves with temptation.  Go home and do a pantry inspection.  What you have in stock is what you'll eat.  And by all means don't bring it to your office for everyone else to indulge in.  This is a group initiative and we're all in this together.  No sabatoge!

8.  They eat breakfast.  Now this is one of those that I think needs some explanation.  For some breakfast is 7am, and for others like me, it's around 10 am.  Do start off your day with a good start of protein and fruit.  It will keep you going longer.

9.  They move, stand, and fidget more.  Now I love this one because it gives allowance for my personality and behaviors.  I'm a toe tapper, finger tapper, and on high gear most of the time.  I don't sit in one place very long.  If fact, research shows us that people who are lean tend to sit for 2 hours less each day than their overweight friends.  If you are a desk junkie, again, get up off that thing!! 

10.  They don't skip meals.  Here's what happens if you skip meals.  You do great at the beginning of the day and then supper time comes and you eat everything in your path.  Then, because you've denied the hunger pangs for so long, the appetite intensifies and continues throughout the evening hours.  That's a really bad time to overload your stomach.  Eat little meals throughout the day to keep the furnace burning.  I tend to always have a piece of healthy food near me at all times, just in case. 

This is a great thing GOING DOWN in our community.  And I feel so compelled by this initiative that I opened it up to all of our social media followers.  If you want to join and share your starting weight, I'm more than happy to record your progress each week and coach you to success.  We are so happy to partner with you in helping you to look better, live better, and feel better. 

To your good health,
Dr. Sonja

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